Recruiting and retaining top talent can be difficult for many small and medium sized businesses. Having smaller budgets and less flexibility than bigger companies poses the challenge of offering competitive salaries and benefits while keeping the company viable and employee benefits sustainable.

HCSAs help you balance the costs of a comprehensive benefit plan, while giving plan members the flexibility to use their dollars for benefits that they need. This strategic program allows employers to allocate a fixed annual dollar amount per employee for their coinsurance, deductibles, claims above the plan limits, and services that are not covered in their program.

Employees appreciate the flexibility of a Health Care Spending Account which allows them to decide where to use their benefit and how to prioritize its usage. For example, an employee may choose to use their HCSA for a laser eye surgery; whereas, an employee with a teenager may use their HCSA for braces. Benefits like these are typically not included in benefit programs for small business or if they are included they have low annual limits. By augmenting a Health Care Spending Account to your Heath and Dental Plan you have the ability to bring these added value benefits to your staff in a cost effective manner.