Lewer Canada Ltd. provides client-focused solutions through its portfolio of employee benefits programs, financial service products and advising, and end-to-end third party administration of employee benefit programs. For more than four decades, Lewer Canada has helped independent businesses and their employees find the most comprehensive, flexible, and cost-efficient benefits packages available for small business owners.


Every client of The Lewer Companies deserves the finest service from every representative and employee. Our clients and their satisfaction are at the cornerstone of our success. We must understand their needs and provide them with products and services of recognized value. The virtues of ethical behavior, integrity, quality and professionalism should be practiced in every transaction. Since principles are a set of values and not a set of rules, the attainment of honesty, fair dealing and “doing the right thing” in your work must be a personal goal and part of your maturation as a representative of the company.

The Lewer Companies has little existence or reputation beyond its employees and marketing representatives and their actions. Your actions reflect on the reputation of the company, and you are the source of our energy and strength. We are committed to attracting, developing and retaining quality people, and we are dedicated to providing an environment that rewards superior performance coupled with integrity, sound business morals and professionalism.

Our principles stem from our position on ethics, service, respect and common sense in the conduct of our business. We believe in the freedom to achieve and we believe that people, like companies, differentiate themselves by the quality of their performance. As a company, we must outperform our competition and, in so doing, provide greater value to our clients. As individuals, we must perform to our full potential within a solid framework of ethics, quality and professionalism.