Symbility Health Mobile Claims App Is Now Available!

The big day is here, and we’re excited to share this news!

Symbility Health’s innovative new Mobile Claims app is now available for download in Google Play, the App Store, as well as on an online desktop portal, making it readily available to users of all mobile devices—and it’s free to download!

What Is It?

This new mobile app, which is both Apple and Android friendly, makes it easier, quicker, and more secure for your employees to submit health claims. Claims are submitted online, from any smartphone or tablet.

The app offers a simple and fast way to monitor, update, and settle the statuses of existing claims; keep track of healthcare spending account balances from any device—anywhere, any time—as well as view and update personal and banking details for faster reimbursement.

Once claims have been electronically submitted via mobile device, users receive instant notification when claims are processed and reimbursements are made.

Why You Need It

Symbility Health’s new groundbreaking application is not only cost effective but user friendly as well. You and your employees will be able to personalize the app and take it everywhere you go, making the claims process so much more convenient. For example, employees can submit a claim while at the registered massage therapist’s office. They can quickly capture receipts through their smartphone or tablet’s camera to submit claims efficiently and accurately.

The app provides you with comprehensive data, such as account balances, explanation of benefits, insurance details, banking details, claims details, and history.

The Mobile Claims application also takes claim submission to the next level, which is ideal for plan sponsors. It has a proprietary built-in front-end audit system that offers you the efficiency and time-saving ability to automatically audit claims. Its unique optical character recognition and AI automatically flags high-risk claims for human review, which can help employers combat benefits fraud. This auditing functionality can be easily integrated into your existing auditing platform.

Make the benefits experience better for everyone. Download the innovative, new health mobile app and encourage your employees to join you.