Specialty Affinity Program Management

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Protect Your Business

Owning your own business is rewarding but it is not without its challenges. Most small business owners are focused on growing their business. That’s why it makes good sense to take cost-effective steps to protect your business investment and your family’s well-being.

After 40 years of working with independent business owners, we understand your concerns and we offer solutions that are flexible and tailor-made to meet your needs and the needs of your employees.

Experience You Can Rely On

Our Specialists and Consultants are experts in the benefits field and readily share their experience with you and your employees. We will communicate the details of your employee benefits program to all members of your staff to create a worry free benefits program for your company. We strive to bring you innovative options that simplify your programs, satisfy the needs of your staff and are specifically designed keep you on budget.

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Recruit and Retain Employees

As the labour force changes, so has the job market and being able to offer competitive benefit programs has been a challenge for many small businesses. We recognize this, and as a full service third party administrator, we provide you with options to optimize your program beyond just a health and dental care program. Many employees are beginning to understand how beneficial the right program can be for them and their families, and the new generation of millennials is coming into the workforce with an expectation that even small business owners are providing employee benefits! Finding and retaining the right people is a huge challenge, so we help our customers offer the right mix of benefits and affordability, including predictable and stable pricing so both employers and employees can budget effectively.

Your People Are Your Most Valuable Asset

People, not products or machines, are the most valuable asset of any operation. You rely on key employees and partners who have your trust and are able to help you to keep your business running. If one or more of those people are not able to work, you will face two problems. How do they continue to support their families, and how do you continue to run your business and possibly replace them? Lewer Canada focuses on risk mitigation and as experts in this field, we have solutions that will protect your business, enable you to continue running your business and allow key employees to focus on getting better and returning to work.

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