Who We Are


The Lewer Agency got its start in the U.S. in 1961, when our founder, D. C. Lewer – then working in Texas – signed up Continental Oil Co. as his first client. A one-man show in those days, D. C. started calling on the owners of Conoco service stations and commission agents, selling a retirement plan specifically designed for this market. He continued on over the years expanding his company, selling benefit plans throughout America to a wide spectrum of dealers, distributors and franchisers in the petroleum, agricultural, and retail fields.

Lewer’s move into Canada began over 40 years ago, when Husky Oil Co. approached D. C. about offering retirement solutions to the owners of over 400 Husky stations in Canada.  He agreed to research it.

"We found there was a great need in Canada for these small, successful, independent businessmen to have a retirement plan," Lewer said.

After establishing a relationship with Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. of Toronto, D. C. hired a Canadian lawyer to establish a Canadian Firm, Lewer Insurance Agency Ltd.  He then opened an office in Toronto and later Calgary, Alberta, where his son, Michael D. Lewer, became head of the Canadian operation. 

Our Canadian agency could have been just a subsidiary of our Kansas City based American company. Instead, D. C. Lewer spent over three years developing a licensed Canadian company, with a Canadian majority board of directors, offering benefits programs through one of Canada's leading insurance companies, Manufacturers Life Insurance Company.

This decision to assume the full responsibilities and obligations of a licensed Canadian company is in keeping with the Lewer philosophy. D. C. Lewer founded The Lewer Agency on the premise that he could offer something of value to other business owners, could do so with integrity, and, by doing so, could provide for his family and his employees. This premise is the basic foundation for the continued success of our company. Now led by Michael D. Lewer, The Lewer Agency has evolved with the times, yet continues to hold firm those standards established by D.C. Lewer over 60 years ago.